Scene 4 – Caddyshack

This week I went back and revisited the cult classic that is Harold Ramis 1980’s classic, Caddyshack. A short synopsis for those of you who haven’t seen it before…which, if you like film and haven’t….all I can say is for shame…for shame….

The film is based at an elite country club, a young caddy (Michael O’Keefe) aspires to win a college scholarship by sucking up to the club’s owner; meanwhile, the quirky groundskeeper (Bill Murray) pursues the courses gopher problem, and the club’s owner (Ted Knight) clashes with an inconsiderate new member (Rodney Dangerfield).

The main plot-line itself is a bit mess, with central protagonist, the young caddy, losing the audience’s sympathy when he cheats on his kind girlfriend (Sarah Holcomb)….who’s only fault is her terrible attempt at an Irish accent…, with the new eye candy (Cindy Morgan).

Caddyshack is in a sense a comic platform for Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield to deliver their one liners and quips. It’s Dangerfield in his first major film role who really stands out, as an unorthodox, loud and eccentric real estate developer who delivers classic lines like, “ Hey baby, you must’ve been something before electricity”. Chevy Chase is surprisingly subdued through which is a real shame.  Murray’s character is full of quips such as a story about caddying for the Dalai Lama and being given “total consciousness” as a tip, to which he states, “So, I’ve got that going for me”.

It’s only when I looking back at Murray’s performance, at a lot of his mannerisms and the method in which he delivers lines…with this accent he has given his character.., that I noticed similarities between his performance and that of Jim Carrey in Ace Venture. It’s is evident to me that Murray’s performance was a big influence on Carrey’s performance and thus his style from then on…and It alone is worth watching Caddyshack for.

Caddyshack is a part of cult following of satirical films, which I feel need to be revisited more. The style and the true surrealism in parts is really refreshing with todays films being made with what seems to be the same comic template. The all male synchronised swimming sequence is a hilarious generational gag…which seems to long forgotten…and it something that I feel a lot of movies today need to do in order to improve….is to look back.

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